Extremely cold water trickles out of the Glen Canyon Dam into what's left of Glen Canyon, forming an unnatural stretch of trout water on the Arizona/Utah border in a scene from DAMNATION. Photo: Ben Knight


You can bring DamNation to your campus, company, nonprofit or community

DamNation shines the spotlight on dam removal, a powerful ecological solution that can restore compromised watersheds, revive fisheries and associated jobs, protect coastline and wetlands, and improve the lives of those living in towns and native communities located near existing dams. To sponsor a local screening, you contribute a modest screening fee and, in return, we give you:
  • The DamNation DVD
  • The DamNation public performance rights
  • Action materials
  • Digital promotional tools
  • Hands-on support from our community screenings team
Fill in our brief request form to indicate your interest, or email damnation@filmsprout.org. We look forward to responding within 1-2 business days with instructions on how to get started!