Extremely cold water trickles out of the Glen Canyon Dam into what's left of Glen Canyon, forming an unnatural stretch of trout water on the Arizona/Utah border in a scene from DAMNATION. Photo: Ben Knight


Wolf Performance Hall
Central London Library
251 Dundas Street
N6A 6H9

Wolf Performance Hall (Central London Library)

Jun 18
London, Ontario 7:00 PM

Set a Reminder

On behalf of the Thames River Anglers Association please take a moment to review and consider signing & sharing our petition to the City of London to encourage them to decommission Springbank Dam. This dam was originally built on the nationally recognized heritage Thames River to create a reservoir in downtown London, Ontario so that it could serve historical recreational purposes. The petition includes a full background and the attached fact sheet is something we put together.


For more information, visit theĀ Thames River Anglers Association website atĀ www.anglers.org